What’s Green Monday and How Can I Participate?

Green Monday Shopping


What is Green Monday?

Green Monday is the second Monday of December. It’s nationally recognized as the second Cyber Monday. It’s really great for anyone who wasn’t able to shop on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, but is still looking for last minute deals. Companies prepare for Green Monday with more deals to attract last minute shoppers before the holidays.

It was originally started by eBay in 2007 and it became their largest sales day of the year, consistently beating sales revenue on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Since then, many companies have followed in eBay’s footsteps providing discounts and participating in the day to take advantage of the high consumer demand.


When is Green Monday this year?

December 11th.


How can I take advantage of Green Monday on Educents?

As you may already know, Educents is promoting a sitewide holiday sale through December 15th. Historically, the second Monday of December has been our third highest sales day of the year for the last 4 years. This means we will be doing extra promotion on December 11th.

If you’d like to take advantage of the last minute shoppers, make sure your store is on-sale and you are offering any of your last minute deals to customers. Perhaps you’d like to offer free shipping, discounted prices, or a include a BOGO deal. Need more ideas? Check out our previous post: What types of promotions should I offer customers during the holidays?

You can also update your product titles or descriptions to let customers know it’s the last deal of the season.

Lastly, we still have a few sponsored search and category spots left you’d like to guarantee your exposure during Green Monday. This is a great way to take advantage of the last big shopping day of the year.

How do you prepare for Green Monday? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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