How uKloo Kids prepares for the holiday season

Doreen Dotto

As the holidays get closer, we thought it would be fun to ask a few Educents sellers about how they prepare for the busiest time of the year.

We spoke with Doreen, the President of uKloo Kids Inc. uKloo is an educational game for young readers that takes children on a treasure hunt around the house while teaching them to read. Doreen has been running her company for 6 years.


What are some things you do to prepare your business for the holiday season?


1. I reach out to bloggers and reviewers to ask if they would be interested in reviewing uKloo games. If they like the games, I ask them if they’d be open to including the games in their holiday toy lists. Gift guides are a great way to get exposure during the holiday season.

2. I usually have some fun illustrations done (Illustrator in the family!) and use them in Facebook posts etc. Creating imagery that’s festive and holiday friendly are a great way to promote items during this time.

3. I reach out to the wonderful staff at Educents to ensure that I can participate in your marketing over the holidays.

4. Since I have a very small business run on a tight budget, I have to pick and choose marketing very carefully. I try to get get as many word of mouth reviews, tweets, and Facebook posts as possible from happy customers to promote my items organically.


uKlooWhat else have you learned from running a business over the past 6 years?

Running a business as an independent can be very difficult and it can be very rewarding. For me uKloo is a labor of love. Every time I hear that a child has discovered the joy of reading through uKloo games, my heart soars and I know that all the ups and downs have been worth it!




How do you prepare for the holidays? Comment below or send your story to!


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