What types of promotions should I offer customers during the holidays?

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We highly encourage all sellers to have special offers, store sales, and free shipping during Q4 (October, November, and December).  If you can only offer special prices and free shipping once a year, this is the time to do it.

During Q4, we see traffic spike to its highest point during the year. Our website’s page views and sales increase dramatically.

In order to take advantage of the exponential customers coming to Educents during this timeframe, it’s in your best favor to offer your lowest prices and free shipping if possible.


Why should I offer free shipping?

Customers are expecting free shipping over the holidays. Majority of sellers offer free shipping at this time, so you will want to be competitive.  According to Ecwid, 71% of customers are looking for free shipping during the holidays. If you’re not offering free shipping, you could be losing out on 71 per every 100 potential customers coming to your store.

Fast shipping is also important around this time of year. To provide the best customer experience, make sure you are shipping orders as soon as possible and adding tracking numbers to your Educents dashboard. The customer is notified by email that their order has been shipped after you input the tracking number and mark the item as shipped, so it’s best to do this immediately after shipping the order to alleviate customer anxiety.


Why should I offer discounted prices?

Low prices and sales are expected this time of year.  Majority of sellers will be putting their items on sale during these months. To increase the likelihood of purchase, we recommend putting your store on sale or specific items on sale. In addition, make sure you select four items to be “featured” at the top of your store. These are the products our merchandising team will be looking at most during our marketing efforts.

While including both free shipping and special discounted pricing for the holidays will benefit you most on Educents, we understand that not everyone can offer both due to their margins. According to RJMetrics analysis, if you have to choose between free shipping and discounted prices, offer free shipping.  Even if it’s the same value, “Free” shipping will appear better than the lower price.

Other promotional options

If you absolutely cannot offer free shipping or discounted prices, there are some other ways to get involved with sales promotions during the best shopping time of the year.


Bundle Sale

Bundle two of your items and discount the price for customers who are buying both. This can help increase your margins and ensure that customers are buying two of your items to receive a discount.  You can set this up by creating 1 product from your Educents Dashboard and describing the product as a “holiday bundle”. Make sure to add two or more of your products in the images, title, and descriptions.

Note: This will show in your Orders as 1 order/1 sku, however you are shipping a bundle of items.

BONUS: Make this “holiday bundle” exclusive to Educents to increase your exposure.

Buy-One-Get-One Free (BOGO)

We’ve seen “BOGO” specials do well in the past. You can set this up similar to a bundle. However, in this promotion you will want to use “BOGO” in the title and show the customers they are getting two of the same product in your product images and description.

Note: This will show in your Orders as 1 order/1 sku, however you are shipping two of the same item.

BONUS: Make this “BOGO holiday deal” exclusive to Educents to increase your exposure.


Free Gift

If you’re offering a physical item that’s shipped to the customer, you can try including a free gift with the customer’s purchase. Maybe it’s a free t-shirt from your company, a letter from Santa, or something that goes well with your brand. Get creative! Whatever it is, make sure it’s high quality and encourages customers to remember you. Also make sure to advertise this in your product description, title, and product images.

Note: The free gift will not show up as an Order on your dashboard. You will need to include the item as part of every Order you send.

BONUS: Make this “Free Holiday Gift” exclusive to Educents to increase your exposure.


Bottom line is we’ll be rewarding products with the best offers by giving them more exposure during our holiday promotions. You can increase your likelihood for exposure by offering free shipping and running a store sale.  We’ll also look out for items with keywords like BOGO, free gift, bundle sales, etc. to find items that offer unique or exclusive promotions for Educents customers.


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