February 2017: Product Updates



As we mentioned earlier this year, this quarter is all about YOU!  We’ve tested our users, gathered your feedback, and have made some changes to improve our seller and buyer experience.  Read this post for an in-depth look at what’s new and what’s coming this quarter.


Recently Released:


Shipping from your Dashboard:

  • We’ve combined the Orders and Shipping tabs.  You can still access and download your Orders by going to “Shipping” from your seller dashboard.
  • All sellers will now have an option of purchasing a shipping label through Educents on an order basis. As a seller, you can still choose to use your own shipping provider by simply entering a tracking number and marking the order as shipped. Reminder: Once you upload a tracking number and mark the order as shipped, the customer will receive an email notification letting them know their Order has been shipped, along with their tracking number.
  • Through the new shipping updates, you can login to your Educents dashboard and filter your orders by order status. For example, this means you can easily filter based on unfulfilled orders to know which orders still need to be fulfilled.
  • Shipping profile: When uploading a new shipped product or editing an existing shipped product, we’ve added a new section to collect shipping information from you. This includes the product’s weight, dimensions, and zip code. Adding these fields will help us understand your shipping costs across different buyers and help us formulate a better policy for the future. Note: There is NO change in the shipping policy for now.

JUNE 26th, 2017 UPDATE:  Our shipping policy has changed.  Sellers can now set their own shipping prices for each item.  Please refer to Updated Shipping Policy for further information.


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FREE shipping in the U.S. contiguous

  • You now have the option to offer free shipping in the U.S. contiguous by product to Educents’ buyers (currently this does not include international orders, Hawaii, or Alaska). This can be setup by product indefinitely or for a limited time if you’re running a promotion. When you offer free shipping, Educents will not collect a shipping fee from the customer and you will not be reimbursed for shipping fees in your monthly payment for U.S. contiguous orders (this is only for the time period that the product(s) have been marked for free shipping if you are running free shipping for a limited time).
    • Products declared as “Free Shipping” by sellers will be marked as “Free Shipping” on the product image boxes and we’ve added a special filter for search to help buyers identify which products ship for free.
    • Any products who offer “Free Shipping” will have “Free Shipping” highlighted on its product page.
    • Based on previous research, buyers will be more likely to purchase products who have declared “Free Shipping”


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Dashboard updates:

We will be making many changes to the seller dashboard over the next few months, so you may see new designs or updates you’re not used to.  We will make sure to summarize all updates once a month through the seller newsletter.

  • Deals tab
    • We recently revamped our deals page and process for creating deals. After months of research, we found that the previous deals page wasn’t converting as high as it did in the past and the deal submission process was confusing.
    • As a result, we’ve decided to revamp the process entirely by re-designing the deals page and limiting it to 10 products at a time. This will make it more likely for the products being featured as deals to convert.
    • We can now feature your products as deals on the deals page.  The “Deals” tab in your seller dashboard no longer functions.  We plan to remove the tab shortly, but in the meantime you will need to email sellers@educents.com if you’re interested in setting up a deal.
  • Seller Storefront
    • You may have noticed that we’ve redesigned your seller storefronts!  After some testing, we realized there were some improvements we needed to make to increase conversion.
    • Buyers can now filter your products by tag for easier navigation.  We’ve also combined your product reviews onto a “Reviews” tab on your storefront.
    • Banner images have been removed from storefronts based on user feedback.  We plan on removing the banner upload tool from your dashboard, so you can ignore that section for now.
  • External links
    • Trust and safety on our marketplace is highly important to us. To ensure we’re providing the best experience for our sellers and customers, we will be making some security upgrades.  We will be removing any external links from our site going to other e-commerce sites & websites. We have found that this puts our marketplace at risk and we’ve made the decision to remove all external links to protect our users.


Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 10.51.37 AM


Product Updates coming soon:


  • Shipping restrictions: Sellers will have the flexibility to define continents, countries, and states they are willing to ship to. This information will be displayed on the product page to the buyers so that the buyers can view each seller’s shipping policy. Sellers will have the flexibility to define shipping restrictions per product.
  • More data within your shipping tab: We’ll be adding a column for “refunded” within the shipping tab for you to better understand the breakdown of each order and actions that are needed.

For any additional questions about the updates to your dashboard, email sellers@educents.com.


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