How to Integrate Educents with Your Website

Introducing widgets for integrating Educents with your website!


We now offer a quick way to showcase your Educents products on your blog and/or website through website integrating widgets. The goal of these widgets is to increase traffic to your store and the overall marketplace. If we do this collectively as a team, there is a higher chance of you receiving new traffic from other stores as well.

The widgets will contain up to four featured products you have selected on Educents. Make sure you have selected at least four featured products. If you do not have any feature products selected, the widget will automatically showcase a random selection of your products. For stores with less than four products, make sure you have selected those products as “featured”.


How to Integrate Educents with Your Website:


Step 1: Go to “Promote” on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Step 2: Select the number of products you would like to display on your widget. You may display up to 4 products. An example of the widget will populate below.


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.05.35 AM


Step 3: Click “Copy Code” and copy the code that is generated.

Step 4: Paste the code onto your website or blog. Once the code has been copied, paste it into the HTML/CSS section for your personal website or blog. Once you click save, the widget should appear on your site. If you are unsure how to paste code onto your website or blog, consult your developer or look at the help section of your website on how to insert custom code.

Step 5: Test your new website widget on desktop and mobile. Go to your website and click on the widget. Make sure it looks correct and allows customers to click your products.


Note: The widget size shown in your dashboard is exactly how it will show on your site. At this time, there is only one design available. You can adjust the size based on the number of products you are displaying in the widget. If you are technically advanced or work with a developer, you are also welcome to adjust the code to fit your preferences further.


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.34.45 AM


Start increasing traffic to your Educents store today!


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Add Videos to Your Product Descriptions

Adding videos to your product description

After many requests, we’ve built a tool that allows you to easily upload YouTube videos to your product descriptions. You can now showcase up to 3 videos about your product or company. Perhaps this includes a video on how to use your product, your product being used by children, or a video review from a mommy blogger.


Why does this matter?

Video has been shown to increase conversion rates. While images are great to understand the size of a product and everything that it’s included, a video can give customers a further explanation on how exactly it’s used. One study found that it’s more likely a product will sell if videos are created for them. In fact, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a product purchase if they watch a video explaining the product first. This means, if 100 people came to your product page, 73 of those people are more likely to convert if they watch a video about your product.


Small Business Video infographic



How to add video to your product description

On your seller dashboard, click “Products”. From there, select the product you’d like to add video for. Once you are in the product upload section, scroll down and you will see a section called “Video Links”.


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 11.01.30 AM


Under video links, you can add up to 3 YouTube links separated by commas. At this time, we only support YouTube as the video format. After adding a link, you will see them populate under “Your Videos”.


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 11.03.00 AM


Once the videos have been added, make sure to click “Publish” to declare them as live and officially add them to your products. You can preview your videos and make sure they have been added by clicking “Preview” on the right-hand side of the product upload above the “Publish” button.


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 11.05.51 AM


Start increasing your conversion rate and add videos to your product descriptions today! What type of videos perform best for your educational products?



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Updated Shipping Policy

hero-fixedshippingFAQs for the New Shipping Policy


Does the “United States” region include Hawaii and Alaska?

  • Currently, the United States region includes the contiguous states as well as military addresses.  If you want to add a different price for Alaska and/or Hawaii, you may do so by clicking on the question “Different rates for Alaska & Hawaii”


Do I have to add prices for Hawaii/Alaska,  Canada, and Everywhere Else?

  • No, you do not.  If you do not ship to these locations, be sure the boxes in front of those regions are unchecked and do not fill in a price for shipping.




Does “shipping as an additional item” mean an additional item sold by me or another seller?

  • Shipping as an additional item means that you are shipping that customer more than one product, which may or may not be the same item.  The “additional item” will be the least expensive item that customer purchased.  Remember, you are in charge of setting the shipping prices.  
    • Examples:
      • If you sell a piano for $500 on our site and it costs you $20 to ship that item to the US, you can now add the shipping cost to that product (rather than needing to adjust the price of the piano to offset any shipping costs that were previously not reimbursed).
      • If you sell a pack of pencils for $2.00 and it costs you $1.00 to ship it, you can now change that price, which will make customers more likely to purchase that product.  
      • If you sell 2 packs of pencils and you know you can fit them in the same box, you could set the shipping price for the first item to be $1.00 and the cost to ship the second item to be $0.50 for a total shipping charge of $1.50.  Again, customers will be happy about saving on shipping.
      • If you sell the pencil and the piano to the same person, you would get the $20 to ship the piano (the most expensive item) and $0.50 to ship the pencils (they would be counted as the second item).
      • If you sell a pack of pencils and another seller sells a box of erasers, you will still be paid your set first item price ($1.00 in the example above) and the other seller will get paid their set first item price.


Does “shipping as an additional item” mean an additional item that is the same SKU or any item sold by me?

  • See answer above


Do I have to enter a price for shipping as an additional item?  What happens if I leave it blank?

  • No, if your shipping rates are the same no matter how many products you ship, you can enter that same number again or leave it blank.  If the additional item spot is left blank, by default, customers will be charged the same price as the first item that was shipped.


Can I make the shipping price for the 2nd item free?

  • Yes!  You can add a shipping price for the first item and then add a zero as the shipping price for additional items.


How do I save my changes?

  • Once you have added or updated your shipping prices, be sure to click the Save & Continue button inside the Shipping tab.  Then, you will need to click the publish button on the right in order for your changes to go into effect. 




Can I make my shipping policy standard across all of my products?

  • We currently don’t have an option to update your shipping policy across all products at one time. If you are changing your shipping costs for the customer, you will need to update products individually at this time.


When do these changes take place?

  • June 26th, 2017 (however, you will be able to update your prices beginning next week).


If I mark my items with free shipping, do I still have to enter a shipping price?

  • No, however, you have the option to input prices for Alaska & Hawaii since they are not part of the free shipping automatically.


How will customers know my shipping policy?

  • The customer will see the shipping prices within the cart / checkout page.  The plan is to eventually add this to the product pages as well.


Why is Educents making this change?

  • We want to give sellers the ultimate control over their pricing, including their shipping costs.  Now, you can choose exactly how much each customer will pay to receive your item.


If I don’t make the changes myself, what will happen?  

  • US
    • First item: $4.00
    • Additional items: $2.00
  • Hawaii and Alaska
    • First item:  $4.00
    • Additional items:  $2.00
  • Canada
    • First item: $25
    • Additional items: $12.50
  • Everywhere Else
    • First item: $50
    • Additional items: $25


How should I choose a shipping price or do you have recommendations for shipping charges?

  • We know that each seller has different needs, so we know your needs may be different than others.  Therefore, we are leaving it to your discretion to choose a price that works for you and your company.


How will I see how I was paid for shipping?

  • You will be able to see all earnings under the Earnings tab in your dashboard.  For a more complete list of each order and what you will earn for each order, you can download a csv file under the Orders tab.



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May 2017: Product Updates

Welcome to your monthly round up of product updates!

We have some brand new features that will help bring more transparency to customers and help prevent shipping errors.


Time to ship on product pages

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve recently released a feature that displays your average shipping time for all shipped products on the product page. The feature is displayed under the product description tab and the shipping tab. This information includes the average time it takes you to fulfill an order. The average time to fulfill an order is from the moment a customer places an order to the moment it’s been marked as “shipped” and the tracking number is uploaded for an order.  Note:  This does not account for time taken for the order to reach the customer since this will vary based on the shipping service you use.

Our primary goal for this feature is to increase transparency for our buyers on average time taken for a product to be shipped.


Tracking number validation

We have added an additional check for tracking numbers uploaded to your seller dashboard. All sellers will now receive warning messages for tracking numbers that don’t match the regular expression formats for different shipping service providers such as USPS, UPS, and Fedex. We have also added an additional confirmation step to prevent the issues related to entering incorrect tracking numbers by sellers.


Product preview

Sellers creating products and previewing changes will now see an updated view. This preview will reflect the new format/design of product pages that were implemented for customer’s earlier this year. This will help you get an accurate view of what your products look like to customers.


Pay after the shipment is completed

Starting with June 2017’s payments, all sellers will be paid only for the orders which are completely fulfilled for the payment period. For example, if you fulfilled 15 orders of the 20 orders that were placed for the month of May, then you will be paid for 15 of these orders by June 15th. The remaining 5 orders will be covered in the following payment period (by July 15th) after they are completely fulfilled in June. No sellers will get paid for partially fulfilled orders.  The order must be completed before a payment is issued.


Checkout changes for preventing invalid addresses

We made an improvement on the checkout address validator to push our buyers to enter a correct and standardized address during the checkout process to prevent fulfillment issues for sellers.  We are hoping this change will reduce the number of invalid addresses going to all sellers who ship physical products.


4X6 shipping labels

Previously, you could only print letter size shipping labels from the seller dashboard. Based on feedback we received from several sellers, we have now opened it up to offer 4X6 size shipping labels as well. This print option will only be available for the shipping labels you purchase through Educents.


Do you have any questions or feedback about May’s product updates? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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April 2017: Product Updates

Welcome to your monthly round up of product updates!

We have some brand new features that will help your products get found more easily on Educents and help you get more page views. We’ve also made some improvements for mobile and your shipping needs.


Re-marketing emails

We now send automated re-marketing emails!

This is exciting because through an algorithm, we will automatically send an email to members who follow your store, have your items in their carts, have wishlisted your items, past purchasers, and those who have viewed your items in the last 6 months.

We recommend putting your store on sale for at least two weeks to get previously interested customers to come back and make a purchase.  Expert tip: We wouldn’t recommend putting your store on sale more than once a quarter.




Search updates

After analyzing the data, our product team found that ~14% of users who searched for products on Educents received no search results. We found that spelling errors and spacing mistakes were the cause for majority of the no search results. Based on this research, we spent our last sprint making search more flexible by accommodating spelling errors, spacing issues, hyphens, etc.

We also added more filtered options by allowing customers to sort by latest products and price. Latest products are defined by new items that have been uploaded in the last 3 months. These products will also receive a badge that says “NEW” and will be searchable by filtering to latest products in search.




Bug fixes

You may have noticed that we’ve redesigned our seller email notifications. While we received many compliments on the new design, we also heard from our sellers that there was some information missing on their order notifications.

We have fixed this bug and you should now receive customer’s order information in your email notifications.


Mobile updates

Mobile traffic is increasing year over year, so it’s important to us to have a mobile friendly site. We always recommend previewing your products on a smartphone or tablet to make sure it’s easy to read on mobile.

We have improved the mobile compatibility for your seller dashboard and we will continuously make updates for mobile devices across the site.


Bulk printing & shipping

For anyone who asked us, we now offer the option to print packing slips and shipping labels in bulk through your dashboard. Simply, go to your orders and select multiple orders at one time. From there, you will see “Bulk Actions” where you can Print Packing Slips for the orders you selected.

If you’ve fulfilled your orders through Educents, you will also see the option to Print Shipping Labels under “Bulk Actions”. We hope this saves you more time and paper!


Do you have any questions or feedback about April’s product updates? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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March 2017: Product Updates

dashboard-graphic (1)


We’re looking forward to some big updates this month!  This includes a brand new seller dashboard and more flexibility for physically shipped items.  In this post, we’ve highlighted the key product updates released this month and how they benefit you.


Coming this month:


*NEW* Seller Dashboard

After months of research, we’re excited to announce that we’re giving the seller dashboard a brand new look! We wanted to improve the seller experience by drawing attention to the tools you use most when logging into your dashboard. Below are the key updates you will find:


  • Better Navigation: We sorted your dashboard tools into three categories — Manage, Promote, and Learn, making it easier for you to find what you need.
  • Easy Access: Quick access to the tools you need most by making them visible on your dashboard. You will now be able to fulfill orders, access your Inbox to answer customer questions, and analyze data directly from your dashboard.


In the image below, you will see the top right corner highlighted in purple.  These icons are available at all times when using your dashboard and will allow you to access your Inbox, add a product, view orders, and see your store.




  • Make Smarter Business Decisions: We’ve added new charts and graphs for you to better analyze data and trends.  We want to empower you to make smarter decisions about your products/storefront. This includes visual graphs on your sales over time, your top products, and how you’re getting found on Educents.  Take a look at the previews below!


seller-main-dash-sales (2)



seller-main-dash-traffic (2)


  • Changes to Editing Products —  You can now access your products under the “Manage” section of your dashboard.
    • Featured Products: “Highlight” your products has been re-named to “Feature” your products. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, you can select up to four products to “Feature”. When a product is marked as “Featured” it appears in the top row of your storefront.
    • Draft Mode:  Any products that you’re currently working on that aren’t published will be available to access at the bottom of your Products page under a Drafts section.
    • Unpublished Changes:  You can edit your live and published products any time. Once making an edit and saving, the product will remain with the status “Unpublished Changes” until you click “Publish” to make the new changes live.


seller-dash-products (1)


  • Shipping Restrictions — You now have the flexibility to define continents, countries, and states you are willing to ship to for each product. This information is displayed on the product page to buyers so that they can view your shipping policy prior to making a purchase.  Currently, this feature doesn’t prevent buyers from making a purchase if they are in a country you do not ship to, but it’s a step toward that functionality.


seller-dash-ship-rest (1)


  • Managing Orders and Free Shipping — For those who missed last month’s update, we made a few changes to the Orders tab.  To learn more about those changes, you can view last month’s updates here.


Do you have any questions or feedback about March’s product updates?  If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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