How Rock ‘N Learn Increased Sales 20x through Educents Facebook Advertising



  • 20x increase in sales from previous week

  • 7x return on investment

  • Extensive engagement with 978 total reactions, likes and shares




Rock ‘N Learn, a company that creates fun music-based learning programs and DVDs, is a well-known brand with Educents members. Sales for Rock ‘N Learn on Educents have come somewhat organically, but recently after a month of watching sales decrease week over week, Rock ‘N Learn was looking for a way to turn things around.  Since mothers make up majority of Educents’ sales, the Educents team suggested utilizing the power of their Facebook community of mothers to bring back momentum.




Educents ran a Freebie Friday/Markdown Monday promotion on the Educents Facebook page that starts off with a Friday giveaway and Monday Sale.Facebook

The campaign began with the Freebie Friday contest offering 4 DVDs of 1 lucky winner’s choice. To enter to win, Facebook followers could like the post, comment, or share it on their page. The post’s engagement and shares were impressive, and generated great traffic for Rock ‘N Learn’s storefront throughout the weekend.

For those who didn’t win or enter the Freebie Friday contest, the Markdown Monday sale was announced on Educents Facebook page letting followers know that Rock ‘N Learn’s products were 50% off.


“We have been thrilled with the results of Rock ‘N Learn’s Freebie Friday/Markdown Monday promotion. Its success has opened the door for us to partner with Educents in other marketing opportunities and build brand awareness for long-term growth. Of all the marketing opportunities, this is what I would recommend first.

What made this promotion so successful for us? I think the first key is to think big and provide a truly compelling offer. We decided to give away 4 DVDs (instead of just one) and let the winner choose from our full product line. This not only made the offer more enticing, it encouraged customers to take a serious look at all the products we have to offer. To follow up, we made the Markdown Monday a steep 50% off. And wow, did we discover the elasticity of demand! Sales soared.”

– Michelle Chandler, Sales & Marketing at Rock ‘N Learn




This campaign resulted in Rock ‘N Learn’s biggest sales week ever on Educents.  Engagement on the posts totaled 544 likes, 293 comments, and 141 shares, giving Rock ‘N Learn extensive exposure with their target audience.

Revenue generated was impressive as well, with a 20x increase in sales from the previous week and a 7.7x ROI on the campaign.


How can your business benefit from Facebook?


Facebook is currently one of the most powerful and meaningful channels for getting your brand in front of mothers.  Many successful businesses rely on Facebook as their primary revenue driver. It seems easy enough to schedule a few posts a day about your product to generate steady traffic and revenue, but it’s no walk in the park.

Leveraging Facebook’s potential can be really difficult– building a quality following and newsfeed is time consuming, Facebook algorithms can prevent your posts from reaching your full audience, and you have to compete with the hundreds to thousands of marketing messages mothers see each day.

This is where Educents can help. Our dedicated social media team has developed a significant following that is highly engaged making our weekly reach between 2 and 3 million mothers.  Educents has reached this success by posting blog reviews from influential mothers, sharing funny content mothers can relate to, and hosting weekly contests and surprise sales like Freebie Friday and Markdown Monday. The Educents Facebook community continues to thrive and grow.


“I must say Educents has done an excellent job growing a vibrant community on social media with engaging content. However, I did not realize how powerful it was until our Freebie Friday/Markdown Monday promotion.”

– Michelle Chandler, Sales & Marketing at Rock ‘N Learn



We have a few different options to choose from for marketing your storefront and products via the Educents Facebook page. To learn more, you can click here to see the full range of options, or email to develop a custom plan and strategy.




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The Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Education Businesses

Social media is a great tool to communicate with your customers and promote your brand. We’ve compiled a list of some best practices used by Educents sellers that are rocking it on Facebook and other social channels.


Engage Daily


Sellers with Facebook accounts see most success when they engage with their community on a daily basis. Simply Kinder has developed a strong community of kindergarten teachers by sharing ideas, advice, pictures, and videos. Through posting curated content every day, there’s no mystery as to why more than 49,000 moms and teachers have “liked” their Facebook page.



Have a Weekly Theme


We love #TUESDAYTIPS from Alfred Music. Every Tuesday Alfred Music posts a tip for the week showing followers how to incorporate their products in a fun way.  Sellers who use a weekly theme to plan their posts find it easier to organize their social media efforts.


Tuesday Tips - Alfred Music


Create a Podcast


The children’s book publisher, Scholastic, goes beyond the pages of their books by sharing novels, films, and authors on their social channels. The publisher even creates a podcast for their community to learn more about their products. On the podcast, authors and experts discuss current topics in reading & literature. Virtual events like podcasts and webinars is a meaningful way to keep your audience engaged and interested.


Scholastic Podcast



Host a Contest or Giveaway


Contests are a great strategy to get your visitors to share with their networks and return frequently.  Evan Moor Educational Publishers hosts a weekly Friday giveaway.  They incentivize their followers by instructing them to comment on their post in order to enter the giveaway.  Sellers who host contests and giveaways tend to see higher audience engagement and an increase in sales.


Evan Moor Giveaway Post


Offer Great Support


Responding to questions over social media promptly is an easy way to elevate your brand.  LearnToMod answers questions at lightening speed, providing top-notch customer support to their users.  Create a brand that moms and educators love by responding to any comments or questions and offering stellar support through social media.


LearntoMod Twitter


Start implementing these social media strategies today to elevate your brand and increase your visitors to get more sales.



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Capitalizing on Social Media to Grow Your Education Business

Social Media


As a business owner, you always are looking for services that will benefit your businesses at little or no cost. Social media is one of the most current and popular solutions that falls into this category, especially when trying to reach parents, teachers, and homeschoolers. If you’re new to using social media for your business or are looking for fresh ideas, consider the following tips to help grow your biz.


Get on Twitter and Facebook


If you don’t already have a social media presence, your top priority should be creating accounts. Facebook and Twitter are good places to start because they are two of the biggest social networks around, with 1.5 billion and 320 million active users.

Facebook is ideal for connecting your business with parents, teachers, and homeschoolers worldwide because you can create a page to post updates, pictures, events and other types of information. Twitter enables you to easily interact with your followers and other users by mentioning them in your tweet. It also acts as an effective customer service channel because customers can tweet you if they have questions or suggestions.


Capture Your Audience’s Attention


Your main goal is to capture the attention of your target audience. After all, it doesn’t matter what you say if no one is reading it! Start by studying your audience and what’s important to them. Then, let that guide your posts.

Some effective ways to reach out to your audience include providing them with tips and tricks that relate to the education industry, hosting contests where they can win prizes and showing videos that show who you are as a business. Overall, the less self-serving you are, the better engagement you’ll have.

At Educents, we used our social media channels to increase the engagement of a contest we hosted during Teacher Appreciation week. In the contest, teachers and homeschoolers were given the opportunity to win items from their wishlists. During the contest, new and existing customers shared their wishlist items on social media to increase their chances of winning.  These social media shares brought awareness to our campaign, which boosted signups and shopping on the site.


Give Your Post a Boost


To give your post extra exposure, you may want to boost or sponsor your post on Facebook or Twitter for a fee. This lets you specifically target the demographic and groups of people you are trying to reach. If you’re new to promoting your social media, start small and test out your ROI before going big. This way you can feel out which strategies, time of day and demographics work best before spending a ton of extra money.

Facebook allows you to boost a post based on audience, location, age, gender and interests. You should select your criteria based on whether you are targeting current fans or you are looking to reach potential customers. You also have the option to promote your entire Facebook page, which is a good option for generating more page likes.

Similarly, Twitter offers several marketing campaign options, including tweet engagement campaigns, followers campaigns, website clicks and conversions campaigns.


Take Advantage of Live Events


Another great idea is to stay social when attending or hosting a live event to garner real-time engagement. Most events assign a hashtag for event goers to get in on relevant conversations, so be sure to interact with other participants. Likewise, if you are hosting an event, let attendees know what the hashtag is before, during and after the event to encourage knowledge sharing. SocialTimes has four great tips if you need help figuring out an effective hashtag.

Twitter has made it easier to stay on top of events through its event targeting tool. The tool simplifies and automates this process and is comprised of three basic elements: an event calendar that highlights major worldwide events, event insights that help you identify the events you want to target and event activation that allows you to create a campaign that targets the events you’re interested in.

If you are physically attending the event, stay active on social media before, during and after the event. Equip your team with the right tools so they can tweet, post photos and check on trending news all day.

Patience is key when building your social media following. Above all, stay consistent and the effort will pay off.




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