SEO Guide for Marketplace Sellers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  SEO will also help you get found easier on Educents and ultimately bring your pages more traffic.  While there isn’t an exact formula to show up at the top of search results, there are some basic tips to improve the SEO of your storefront and product pages.


1.  Do keyword research


There are many free tools you can use to research exactly what keywords and phrases people are searching for. You can try:

 Keyword Planner for Education



2.  Have a keyword in your Meta Title


For SEO purposes, have a keyword in your meta title to better rank in the search results.

  • Please note however that the search result will only display 55 characters.  (Characters underlined are exactly 55 characters with spaces)
  • If you can describe your product in less than 5 words, what would they be;  those should essentially be your keywords.  Examples below:
    • Kindergarten Sight Words
    • CVC Worksheets
    • Math Worksheets for 2nd Graders
    • Science Activities for Kids
  • Do not duplicate meta titles for every related product you may have. If you have two products that are kindergarten sight words, have the second product have a meta title like sight words for kindergarten.


3.  Have a keyword in your Page Title


The meta title will show in Google search results while Page Title is what will show once the customer clicks and comes to your site; make this part interesting and your keyword included!


4.  Sell the customer in the short description


55% of people that land on your page will stay less than 15 seconds! Research has shown they will look at the main picture first, title & price second, and short description last. Sell them in your short description in under five sentences and do not copy your short description to place it in the long description.


5.  Other tips


It’s okay to copy your Short Description onto your Meta Description ONLY.

  • Answer these questions in your long description
    • Who’s it for? / What’s Included? / Why Buy? This way, whenever we have an opportunity to promote your product, we know who we can promote it to and a call to action as to why they should buy your product.
    • Include links to your blog, seller store, other related products in the long description.
    • Have high quality pictures / In-Use pictures.
    • Do not duplicate anything. Title, meta title, meta description, short description, long description, pictures, etc. Google looks at these pages as duplicates and if it’s found on Educents and other sites, Google thinks it’s spam and will bury your page in search results.



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