Pinterest marketing for beginners

Pinterest marketing is powerful. If you aren’t already using Pinterest to promote your business and products, it is time to get serious about it. With 150 million monthly users, Pinterest is currently driving 5% of all website referral traffic and 93% of people on Pinterest report using the social media platform to plan a future purchase.

Fortunately, Pinterest marketing easy to get started with! You simply create an account, start “inspiration” boards that follow a certain theme, and pin unique content or re-pin previously pinned content to these boards.

Here are some tips for getting started or for growing a current Pinterest account to drive more sales:

  • Create uniquely named boards that would grab the attention of a customer you’d like to attract to your brand and products. Make sure the name is concise and conveys the purpose of the board. Feature an image that does the same.
  • Make sure the images you upload and pin are optimized for Pinterest marketing. The ideal size for an image on Pinterest is 735 px wide by 1,104 px tall. provides a great free tool for editing and creating images to fit into these dimensions.


Canva for Pinterest images


  • Pin and re-pin on a consistent and steady basis. Your pins will see more exposure if you’re posting regularly. You can schedule pins in advance with a tool like Tailwind.
  • Pin varied content. Your Pinterest account shouldn’t just be about your company and your brand, and you shouldn’t just post links to your Educents storefront. Pinning different images and ideas makes for an interesting page and allows you to build your brand’s voice and style.
  • When posting about your products or brand, make sure to include your company name in the description. You can even include prices to help drive conversions.
  • Pinterest is a community. Create group boards with similar businesses and friends, comment on pins that you like, and engage with other pinners and commenters. Use Pinterest’s community features to your advantage.
  • Pay attention to seasons and trends. Pin your shop’s holiday-specific items in the appropriate months and use seasonal changes to guide your boards. You don’t have to change up your store every month based on trends, but this can give you an idea of what shoppers are looking for at a given time.
  • Look at the boards where your products have been pinned and re-pinned. This can help you gauge your customers’ interests and guide future marketing choices.

Shoppers use Pinterest because they can see products in use and can easily imagine how they would fit into their lifestyles. Use this to your advantage to show the value of your products. How do you use your products? How do you imagine people using them? Use this as a guide to inspire your ideal Pinterest boards.

Looking for an example or inspiration? Check out the Educents Pinterest page as a reference.


pinterest marketing for beginners


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