Part 2: Focusing on Your Brand – Key Takeaways from The Educents & The Founding Moms Webinar Series

As some of you may know, we’ve recently partnered with Jill Salzman from The Founding Moms on a three part webinar series to gear up for the holiday season. The purpose of this series is to equip you with marketing and best business practices, allow you to share ideas, and connect you with other sellers & affiliates from the Educents community. Thanks to those who participated in Part 2! If you weren’t able to join, below is a recorded copy and the key takeaways.



In part 2 we covered how branding can work for your business:

  • Branding invites people in by not saying it directly (opposite of marketing)
  • Gives people a feel for your business and how you do business
  • Live case studies showing where webinar attendees can improve their branding



Stories about you and your mission make you relatable! People like to buy from brands they trust. Think about your tone of voice and be authentic. Personally thank your customers. When you make your brand relatable, you become more trusted.

Rule of thirds:  When posting on social media, 1/3 of your content should be about external sites/topics related to your brand, 1/3 of your content should show off your personality to make you relatable, and 1/3 of your content can be used for selling your products.



Create partnerships with other businesses that align with your brand. For example, Educents and The Founding Moms partnered on this webinar series because we have a similar audience and our brands work well together.

Ask for feedback about your brand from your customers, but make it easy for them.

Exercise:  List 10 current/potential customers and give them a specific question about your brand. For example, “Give me 3 words that come to you when you look at my logo?”


Tools to help create & manage your brand

  • Pablo by Buffer – Access to lots of free images to create your own social media fodder.
  • Wisestamp – Integrate your socials into your email signature to personalize your brand and make yourself friendly.
  • – Transform images into art.
  • Blogging platforms – WordPress, Squarespace, or blog


Watched the webinar?  Let us know your thoughts and where we can improve for future learning.


Continue Learning

Make sure to register for Part 3, Instagram & Twitter for your Business on Friday, October 21st at 11am CT. You can also discover more business growth resources by our host, Jill Salzman, by visiting The Founding Moms.


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