May 2017: Product Updates

Welcome to your monthly round up of product updates!

We have some brand new features that will help bring more transparency to customers and help prevent shipping errors.


Time to ship on product pages

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve recently released a feature that displays your average shipping time for all shipped products on the product page. The feature is displayed under the product description tab and the shipping tab. This information includes the average time it takes you to fulfill an order. The average time to fulfill an order is from the moment a customer places an order to the moment it’s been marked as “shipped” and the tracking number is uploaded for an order.  Note:  This does not account for time taken for the order to reach the customer since this will vary based on the shipping service you use.

Our primary goal for this feature is to increase transparency for our buyers on average time taken for a product to be shipped.


Tracking number validation

We have added an additional check for tracking numbers uploaded to your seller dashboard. All sellers will now receive warning messages for tracking numbers that don’t match the regular expression formats for different shipping service providers such as USPS, UPS, and Fedex. We have also added an additional confirmation step to prevent the issues related to entering incorrect tracking numbers by sellers.


Product preview

Sellers creating products and previewing changes will now see an updated view. This preview will reflect the new format/design of product pages that were implemented for customer’s earlier this year. This will help you get an accurate view of what your products look like to customers.


Pay after the shipment is completed

Starting with June 2017’s payments, all sellers will be paid only for the orders which are completely fulfilled for the payment period. For example, if you fulfilled 15 orders of the 20 orders that were placed for the month of May, then you will be paid for 15 of these orders by June 15th. The remaining 5 orders will be covered in the following payment period (by July 15th) after they are completely fulfilled in June. No sellers will get paid for partially fulfilled orders.  The order must be completed before a payment is issued.


Checkout changes for preventing invalid addresses

We made an improvement on the checkout address validator to push our buyers to enter a correct and standardized address during the checkout process to prevent fulfillment issues for sellers.  We are hoping this change will reduce the number of invalid addresses going to all sellers who ship physical products.


4X6 shipping labels

Previously, you could only print letter size shipping labels from the seller dashboard. Based on feedback we received from several sellers, we have now opened it up to offer 4X6 size shipping labels as well. This print option will only be available for the shipping labels you purchase through Educents.


Do you have any questions or feedback about May’s product updates? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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