March 2017: Product Updates

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We’re looking forward to some big updates this month!  This includes a brand new seller dashboard and more flexibility for physically shipped items.  In this post, we’ve highlighted the key product updates released this month and how they benefit you.


Coming this month:


*NEW* Seller Dashboard

After months of research, we’re excited to announce that we’re giving the seller dashboard a brand new look! We wanted to improve the seller experience by drawing attention to the tools you use most when logging into your dashboard. Below are the key updates you will find:


  • Better Navigation: We sorted your dashboard tools into three categories — Manage, Promote, and Learn, making it easier for you to find what you need.
  • Easy Access: Quick access to the tools you need most by making them visible on your dashboard. You will now be able to fulfill orders, access your Inbox to answer customer questions, and analyze data directly from your dashboard.


In the image below, you will see the top right corner highlighted in purple.  These icons are available at all times when using your dashboard and will allow you to access your Inbox, add a product, view orders, and see your store.




  • Make Smarter Business Decisions: We’ve added new charts and graphs for you to better analyze data and trends.  We want to empower you to make smarter decisions about your products/storefront. This includes visual graphs on your sales over time, your top products, and how you’re getting found on Educents.  Take a look at the previews below!


seller-main-dash-sales (2)



seller-main-dash-traffic (2)


  • Changes to Editing Products —  You can now access your products under the “Manage” section of your dashboard.
    • Featured Products: “Highlight” your products has been re-named to “Feature” your products. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, you can select up to four products to “Feature”. When a product is marked as “Featured” it appears in the top row of your storefront.
    • Draft Mode:  Any products that you’re currently working on that aren’t published will be available to access at the bottom of your Products page under a Drafts section.
    • Unpublished Changes:  You can edit your live and published products any time. Once making an edit and saving, the product will remain with the status “Unpublished Changes” until you click “Publish” to make the new changes live.


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  • Shipping Restrictions — You now have the flexibility to define continents, countries, and states you are willing to ship to for each product. This information is displayed on the product page to buyers so that they can view your shipping policy prior to making a purchase.  Currently, this feature doesn’t prevent buyers from making a purchase if they are in a country you do not ship to, but it’s a step toward that functionality.


seller-dash-ship-rest (1)


  • Managing Orders and Free Shipping — For those who missed last month’s update, we made a few changes to the Orders tab.  To learn more about those changes, you can view last month’s updates here.


Do you have any questions or feedback about March’s product updates?  If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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