How to Use Pinterest to Easily Promote Your Small Business

What is Pinterest and how can it help my small business?


Pinterest was founded in March of 2010.  Since that time, they have gained 176 million active users on their platform!  Their mission is to “help people discover the things they love and to inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives.”  They are definitely living up to that mission.  According to a survey in July of 2016, Pinterest receives an average of 2 billion monthly searches on their site.  In fact, many people report that searches in Pinterest are even more reliable than searches in Google.


Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses


How Can I Use It For My Small Business?

Utilize images of your products and keywords about your products to drive customers to your pages!


Images Matter (videos too)

Pinterest is all about the visual elements.  Choosing the right images is probably the most important thing to learn when it comes to Pinterest. Images that are vertical (taller than they are wide) get the most re-pins. Aim for your images to be at a 2:3 or a 4:5 ratio for best results. Pins with text in the picture also tend to do very well. Use a tool like Canva or PicMonkey to make this quick and easy. Did you know you can pin videos too? Try adding some how-to videos or an in-use video of your product! Infographics and charts are also very popular on Pinterest.

Keywords are Vital

Using the correct keywords in your pin description can not only let more people find your pins, but lead to greater sales of your product. Be sure to use SEO-friendly words that relate to your product (no keyword stuffing though!). Be sure to use those keywords in the beginning of your description rather so customers can see them, even when the description is truncated.

Make it Easy for Your Customers to Share

  1. Pin It Button on website–Make it easy for your readers to re-pin images for you! Install the Pin-It button to your blog or website and encourage customers to pin images to their boards. This can be as simple as asking them to pin the image or by adding a social share icon each post.
  2. Alt Tags on images–Whenever you add an image to your site, you have the option to include an “Alt Tag” to the image. When it comes to Pinterest, these are especially important! When anyone pins something directly from your page, the description on the pin is pulled from this alt tag. This is your chance to get those descriptions to say what YOU want them to say and not something like “math book pic from home”

Show YOUR Personality too!

While being “on brand” is important, Pinterest is about connecting with others with similar interests as you. Nothing is more on brand than you! Show some of yourself on your Pinterest page. Are you a mother selling items to other moms? Add some parenting boards to your page!  Do you enjoy cooking?  Throw some recipes on your boards! You don’t have to sell your product all of the time. In fact, you will probably look more trustworthy if you are NOT selling to your potential customers all of the time!

Be Consistent!

Pinterest loves you to interact and use their platform so they give you more exposure if you are consistently pinning or re-pinning to your boards. Of course, it isn’t reasonable to assume you have time to sit on Pinterest all day, every day. Invest in a tool that will help you schedule some of the work for you. Tailwind, Buffer, ViralTag, and BoardBoosters are some popular schedulers that bloggers use. Whichever program you choose, test out different cadences to see what works with your audience. With Pinterest’s Smart Feed, you no longer have to be worried about “flooding” your audience with a bunch of pins at one time, so feel free to play around to see what works for you and your followers.


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