How to Rock Sales this Back to School Season

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Back to School sale season at Educents


We’re hosting a sitewide back to school sale from July 10th – August 27th! Customers will receive an additional 10% off their purchase at this time with the code “BTS”.


What you should know:


1. Educents is covering the 10% discount during Back to School season, so you will not lose 10%.

2. Back to School sale season is one of our best selling seasons, with the exception of Black Friday/Holidays.

3. Customers must use “BTS” in order to receive the 10% Educents discount

4. Sellers who offer free shipping see higher impressions, page views, and sales.

5. Sellers who offer competitive prices with a lower price point than other sites or sellers who offer an exclusive product to Educents sell more frequently.

6. Cross-promoting your store on social media helps to boost engagement, page views, and long term growth.


Free Shipping


Sellers who offer free shipping receive higher impressions, page views, and sales. Our customers love free shipping. When you mark your products as “FREE shipping” on Educents, you will receive a tag that says “Free Shipping” that makes your product stand out. Customers can also filter their searches to view all products that offer “Free Shipping”.

For a limited time, we’re offering to update your shipping preferences for you* to FREE shipping during Back to School season. You can offer free shipping during the full Back to School sale season or for a limited time.

Sign up today for a bulk update to free shipping.

*Must have at least 10 products in your account to qualify. If you have under 10 products, you can also update your products to free shipping from your seller dashboard.

Note: When offering Free Shipping, you will not receive a shipping reimbursement for products marked with Free Shipping. Customers do not pay for any shipping fees, therefore there is nothing to reimburse.


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Store on Sale


As mentioned above, sellers who offer competitive prices on Educents with a lower price point than other sites sell more frequently.

A quick way to reduce your prices for a limited period of time is to put your store on sale. When you place your store on sale, you can choose a specific time period and % amount off. Sellers who put their store on sale are more likely to appear in emails to customers during their sale period.

While Educents will be offering an additional 10% off with the code BTS, you can maximize sales by putting your store on sale as well.

In fact, we know how valuable this is for our customers and sales, so we’ve created a contest for sellers who schedule a store sale during back to school season.

Find out how you can win a featured spot on Educents’ Back to School sale page.


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Sponsored Search


If you’d like to boost your exposure during the Back to School sale season, we do offer an additional opportunity to buy a sponsored search spots. Sponsored search spots earn over 2,5o0 impressions per week.

Sign up to purchase a sponsored search spot today.


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Cross-promote Educents’ Back to School sale


We will be re-sharing posts from sellers all season long!  Cross-promoting helps with overall social media reach, engagement, and your page views.

To make it easy, we’ve created copy and paste the snippets below (don’t forget to replace YOURSTORE with the link to your storefront and YOURPRODUCTLINK with the link to one of your products).

  • Who loves a great price? Check out my store while it is on sale this season and use the code BTS for an additional 10% off: #sale @educents
  • Are you ready for #backtoschool? Keep your kids #learning with this great product! Use the code BTS for an additional 10% off #family @educents
  • Getting #kids ready for #backtoschool is easy with these! And, they are on sale! Use the code BTS for an additional 10% off #family @educents
  • Shhh! Kids won’t realize they are #learning with this cool educational #toy!Use the code BTS for an additional 10% off @educents


How are you preparing for Back to School sale season? Do you have any tips on how to be successful during this time? We’d love to hear from you!


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Rocking Back to School Sales

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