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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two highest revenue-generating days of the year here at Educents. This year, we’ll be hosting a 15% off, plus free shipping sale – our biggest sale of the year, and biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ever! There are more than a few reasons to share the sale to increase your revenue during the holiday season, the most compelling being that this sale doesn’t affect your revenue, at all. This is a way for you to offer and share a discount without any change to your profit margin! We want to make it easy for you to share the sale with your following, so keep an eye on your email for pre-written social media snippets and posts to help you have your most successful holiday season yet.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Checklist: Our customers will start shopping for holiday gifts within the next couple of weeks, so now is the best time to make sure your storefront and product listings are perfect and in the best shape possible for converting views to purchases! Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases:

  • Update your images. Do you have high quality images? Do they show the size of your product? Do you have more than 1 or 2 images to show different angles and aspects of your product? Learn how you can boost your images quickly with a smartphone.
  • Add previews or samples (if applicable). Think of how you shop online and pretend you’ve never seen your product before. Before purchasing, it’s encouraging to be able to see a preview or sample of what’s inside and usually drives more conversions.
  • Clear product descriptions. Make sure your product descriptions are crystal clear. They say enough about the product in the first few sentences so that shopping on mobile is easy, but they provide all necessary information in case anyone wants to learn more. You will also want to make your product descriptions, titles, and summaries SEO friendly by using the right keywords to increase your traffic. (Tip: send your listing to a friend & see if they still have questions about the product.)
  • Highlight your top holiday products to appear at the top of your storefront. We now have a new feature that allows you to showcase your top-selling products at the top of your storefront. Login to your seller dashboard to do so, or check out this blog post to learn more.
  • Put your store on sale. You can add on an additional discount to your products to increase conversions and excitement with potential customers! Just Log in to your seller dashboard to set up a storefront sale. This will take the percentage off of the lowest price you have set on your products.
  • Increase your exposure with advertising. Your products may be hard to find during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but advertising can help you get the exposure your product needs to make sales. Sellers that take advantage of advertising options see 5 to 20 times the sales typically during the holiday season. Check out our great options below!

P.S. You can now use earnings on Educents towards advertising! Use any portion of October earnings towards November marketing. Just notify Kathryn at of any earnings you’d like to transfer by November 1 at the latest.


Missed our Holiday Bootcamp?  In this recorded one-hour session, members of our Strategy, Marketing, and Seller Account Management team discuss what to expect this holiday season, how you can optimize your storefront to maximize sales, our 2016 holiday promotional plans, and easy tips for success.


Holiday Advertising Options


Homepage placement:

Last year, the Educents homepage saw nearly 300K page views between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. We expect traffic to double this year throughout the entire holiday season. Check out our options below for getting prime homepage placement (a spot in the Top 8 visible homepage spots).

  • Homepage placement for 1 week during November 1 through December 24th ($125)
  • Homepage placement for Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday ($99 per day)


Social media posts:

The Educents Facebook community has an incredible reach and is a very powerful marketing channel. Each week, our posts reach up to 10 million parents and educators. Click here to see a case study from another seller.

  • Social media post on Facebook during November 1 through December 24th ($95)
  • Social media post on Facebook during Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday ($195)


Gift Guide Placement:

Last year, gift guides were our most successful form of marketing during the holiday season. Get your product featured in one of our curated guides based on our customers’ top interests that all include a TON of promotional boosting.

  • Gift Guide Placement in a guide focused on…($395)
    • Homeschooling
    • Builders
    • Gamers
    • Artists
    • Readers
    • Scientists
    • Active Kids
  • You’re one of 10 or less products featured!
  • The guides will all be distributed via email where we reach 150,000+ highly engaged parents and educators, social media where we reach up to 10 million and by our extensive affiliate/influencer network (our top 10 affiliates reach a combined 4 million!)


3-Day Flash Sales:

Our customers respond so well to urgent offers, so this year we’re introducing 3-Day Flash Sales! Be featured as 1 of 3 to 5 products on a dedicated flash sale page that our customers will be coming back to day after day to see the updated sales. We expect this page to be our most popular and highly-trafficked page during the holiday season.

  • 3-Day Flash Sale ($395)
  • Choose a 3-day time period between November 14th through December 12th (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday are blackout dates) to offer a sale for your products to be featured on the flash sale page
  • The flash sale will be easily accessible in the top navigation bar, linked to in daily emails to our 150,000+ subscribers, shared via social media where we reach up to 10 million and by our extensive affiliate/influencer network (our top 10 affiliates reach a combined 4 million!)

Email if you have marketing questions or are interested in advertising.



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