Customer Reviews and Why You Need Them


Why you need customer reviews:


The widespread use of ecommerce websites for purchasing everything from clothes to educational products has removed a personal element from purchasing goods. In a physical store, customers can ask a sales clerk or a friend for help or advice. Since customers don’t have that option when shopping online, customer reviews are a human, personal touch that shoppers can trust.

More importantly, consumers see customer reviews as highly trustworthy. Customers will consider reviews when deciding to make a purchase. In a 2014 Deloitte consumer insight report, Deloitte found that 81% of consumers read customer reviews and check ratings. These reviews are seen equally as trustworthy as a recommendation from their family or friend.


In interviews conducted with Educents customers, responses showed that the majority of customers look at the number of customer reviews and ratings as one of the top criteria for making a purchase decision.


How to get customer reviews on Educents:


Your product will be reviewed over time on Educents as it is purchased by more customers. A higher number of reviews also ranks your product higher in our search engine algorithms. But this turns into a “chicken before the egg” scenario as it may be difficult to get more sales without reviews.

If your product does not have any customer reviews or has a low number, we recommend:

  1. Promoting your Educents storefront early to get some initial sales and customer reviews on Educents.
  2. Reaching out to your customer base outside of Educents, asking or incentivizing them to leave a review for your product on Educents.
  3. Include a noteworthy testimonial in your product description.
  4. Include a note in your shipment or last page of your downloadable product asking the customer to leave a review.


Free email template you can use to ask for customer reviews:


Feel free to add your personal touch to the email template below. You can use this template when asking previous customers for their review and by including it as a note in your shipments or on your download files:


Thanks so much for purchasing _[product name]_! We hope you enjoy using _[product name]__ and we hope to help you again soon.

We love hearing from our customers. We would really appreciate you taking a moment to review _[product name]__ on Educents. Every review helps us serve more families like you.

Thank you,
__[First Name @ Company Name]__


Let us know if you have any tips for getting reviews. We’d love to hear from you!


How to get more customer reviews and why you need them.


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