FAQ: How do I ship an order?

How do I ship an order?


You’ve sold an item! That’s great news. To ensure you’re giving customers the best experience possible, make sure you are shipping your orders immediately.


Email notifications


For each order, you should receive an email notification letting you know about the order and a link to your dashboard for fulfilling the order. If you aren’t receiving these emails, make sure you have emails from Educents turned on under “Edit Account”and check your SPAM folder. If you still aren’t receiving these emails, let us know at sellers@educents.com and someone from our team can assist you.


Shipping the order


Once logging into your dashboard, you can find your recent orders by scrolling down your dashboard or clicking “Orders” on the left-hand side. After finding the order, click “Unfulfilled” next to that order. From there, you have the option of purchasing a shipping label through Educents. You can also use your own shipping method if you prefer.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.23.20 PM


Make sure to print a packing slip to include with your shipment. Once the order has been shipped, you must add the tracking number to the order by clicking “Add Tracking Number”. From there, you will be asked to enter the tracking number and carrier.

The final step is clicking “Mark as Shipped”. This will trigger an email to the customer with their tracking number and will let them know their order is on the way.


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Your average shipping time


Your shipping time is recorded on Educents and your average shipping time is shown to potential customers on the items you sell. Keep this number low by shipping items out immediately and letting our team know at sellers@educents.com if you run into any issues.


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