FAQ: Promoting Your Educents Storefront

Frequently Asked Questions about Promoting Your Storefront:


Optimizing Your Storefront

The first step to marketing your storefront is making sure it’s optimized.  Start by auditing your product descriptions, product summaries, and product titles to ensure they are SEO friendly.  You can do this by including frequently searched keywords and choosing the right key words for your products.  Learn how to improve your products for SEO success to increase your page views.

Target your audience further by making it easy for the right customers to find you in Educents search.  When setting up your products, it’s important to select appropriate categories and tags.  This will allow customers to find you based on areas such as age range, type of product, and subject.  Read more about the launch of our Taxonomy project to help more customers find you.

It’s important to invest in quality images.  Having beautiful images that represent your product accurately will make customers more likely to click your products within search.  It will also allow them to make an easier purchase decision.  Take a look at these photography tips to improve your product photography.

Highlight your best products.  Within your dashboard, you can “highlight” your best preforming products.  This will bring them to the top of your storefront and lets our team know what sells best.


Can I put all of my products on sale at one time?

YES! And, we have made it easy to do so. Go to your Seller Dashboard and select the Store Sale tab.  In Step 1, you can select the percentage off and schedule the sale. This will take the percentage off of the lowest price you have set on your product. If you have a discount price already, the sale percentage will be taken off of that price. If you do not already have a discount price, the sale percentage will be taken off of the regular price.  Make sure to select “Put on Sale?” in Step 2 to apply the sale to your entire store.


Educents Store On Sale


Before you put your store on sale, you can “Preview Prices” to see how much the item will be listed for and how much you will earn per unit during the sale.


Educents Store on Sale


Once you have setup your sale and have previewed the prices, select “Put on Sale”.  You should then see that your store sale is scheduled.


Educents Store on Sale


Can I put selected products on sale at one time?

Yes!  On the Store Sale tab, step 2 allows you to select the products that will be on sale.  Simply, check “Put on Sale?” to select all the products OR deselect “Put on Sale?” to unselect all the products.  From there, choose which products the sale will apply to.


Educents Products on Sale


Can I setup my products to be have different discount amounts at the same time?

At this time, you can only have one sale.  If you need to have a different discount price then what the store sale is offering on specific items, you will need to update the product’s special price by editing the product(s) first.  From there, you can schedule the store sale.


Affiliate Program

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Educents helps educational innovators reach new audiences, and thousands of parents and educators discover new tools to make learning fun. As an affiliate, you’ll spread the word about our marketplace, mission, and specific products that catch your eye. You make a commission on any sales generated by your traffic. It’s a win for you, for us, and for learners everywhere.  Learn more about becoming an affiliate.

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