Educents Taxonomy project: Everything you need to know

What is Educents’ new Taxonomy project?



the branch of science concerned with classification.

  • the classification of something
  • a scheme of classification


Taxonomy on Educents is defined by how your products are categorized on the site and how potential buyers are finding them.  You can categorize your products by logging into Educents and tagging them appropriately through your seller dashboard.


At Educents, we are working hard to improve the product discovery experience for our buyers to help our sellers reach more customers and increase their sales.  We started off with our base taxonomy (categories that include grade levels, subject names, product type etc.) and expanded it by taking feedback from our sellers and buyers.  We conducted a series of user tests with our sellers and buyers to validate our efforts and create an array of new categories such as, STEM, Phonics, Geometry, and Coloring.


As a part of our Taxonomy expansion project, we also went in and retagged all of our sellers products based on their existing categories, free form tags, title, description, seller store name, and all the other data that our sellers worked hard adding to their products.


How is the new Taxonomy going to improve the experience for our customers?


The new Taxonomy helped us identify and showcase the wide breadth of educational products that sell on our marketplace. For example, a parent can easily look for educational aids for a child who might be struggling with a specific early development issue OR look for a math guide more appropriate for their 6 year old. We have tried to improve our product metadata by focusing on certain key attributes that would distinguish one product from the other.


What does this mean for me, as a seller? Will this hide my products from customers / buyers?


This is GREAT news for all of our sellers! The new taxonomy helps categorize our products better and helps you reach your target customer segment faster. The business rules around the categories will not stop customers from finding your products. For example, a mom looking for reading material, can still find all reading products. However, if she then decided to specifically look for Reading products which are going to aid with “Language Development,” our new taxonomy will help her hone in on the specific products which cater to that need.  In other words, your products are still going to be featured through our standard search and browse experience.


Will this drive customers away from seeing my products? Will I see an impact on my sales?


We believe the new Taxonomy will aid our customers in finding the products they are looking for faster and more efficiently. The customer will still be able to find your products through Search and Browse.  Let’s say that one of our sellers has listed an astronomy kit. A customer looking for educational products under “Science” will be able to find that seller’s product faster, but if the customer chooses to filter only for “Coding” products, then an astronomy product will be filtered out, thus providing a cleaner user experience for our buyers.


Do I, as a seller, need to go in and re-categorize all of my products?


No, we took care of most re-categorization for our sellers. We carried forward your existing categories, renamed the categories as needed, and added new categories based on your product metadata. The re-categorization is rooted on our algorithm which categorizes your products based on the product title, overview, description, free form tags added, and even seller store name. However, we would like all sellers to go in and review the new categories we have added to their products. The products that require category review have been marked within the seller dashboard with red “Edit” buttons (as seen below). We believe that sellers know their products best and we would love your feedback for improving the categorization process.

 Educents Taxonomy


What if I do not complete the re-categorization for all my products?


We are very confident that the new categories we have attached to your products are correct.  However, we would also like for our sellers to go in and review the re-categorized products and update categories, if needed. All sellers’ products will still be listed on our marketplace (and accessible through search and browse) and the new categories and will not impact commerce.


How much time do I have to review the category tags for my products?


Technically, you can go in any time and review the categories attached to your products at any point in time, but our seller support team is available to work closely with you and assist you through these changes for the next couple of weeks.


Who do I get in touch with if I need help?


Email us at:



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