Educents Marketing Calendar: Your Monthly Guide for 2017


Hopefully by now you are settled into the new year and have started thinking about your goals for 2017. We certainly have thought about this at Educents and we are excited for what the new year will bring!

One of our main goals this year is to make our sellers more successful. Our sellers success is our success, so we want to make sure we equip you with everything you need to have a great year. As a first step, we’ve created a 2017 marketing calendar. This calendar represents our promotional plans for the 2017 year.


Educents – 2017 Marketing Calendar


  1.   January:   Homeschool Month, Planning for the Year
  2.   February:   STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  3.   March:   Math
  4.   April:   Special Needs
  5.   May:   Teacher Appreciation
  6.   June:   Summer Brain Drain
  7.   July:   Back to School
  8.   August:   Back to School
  9.   September:   Writing/Grammar
  10.   October:   Reading
  11.   November:   Holiday Planning
  12.   December:   Holiday Shopping


How can I use this?

As you think about strategies for 2017, feel free to use this calendar as a guideline.  Our merchandising team will be looking for products that represent these themes each month, so make sure your products are up to date as soon as possible.  For example, if you have any Math products, you will want to make sure they have clear product descriptions, great photos, and that they are properly tagged by February (we start looking for products about a month ahead of time).  It also helps when you share your product/storefront through social media at the time of your appropriate month’s theme and tag us.  These four things will make it easier for our merchandising team to find you and you will have a higher chance of appearing in our promotions.

We hope this is helpful for your 2017 planning and we’re looking forward to a successful year!


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