FAQ for New Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions for New Sellers:

What fees are associated with having an Educents storefront?
How do I get paid?
How do you handle the collection of taxes?
Who ships?
What kind of sales can I expect?
Does Educents buy inventory?
What kind of audience do you have?
How do you handle refunds/returns?
I sell digital products for customers to download, what types of files can I upload to Educents?
I sell digital products for customers to download, what is the file size limit?
How do I setup a subscription product or product with online access?



What fees are associated with having an Educents storefront?

Educents only takes a 15% commission on products sold through the marketplace. There are no other fees associated with having an Educents storefront.


How do I get paid?

Educents pays sellers once a month (by the 15th) for everything fulfilled in the previous calendar month. For example, all the orders you fulfill in March will be paid out by April 15th. Sellers can choose to be paid via PayPal or direct deposit.


How do you handle the collection of taxes?

The Educents relationship is set up so that there are no sales tax responsibility on the seller’s end. All items sold through educents.com will have Educents as the seller of record. This means that Educents will charge and report all sales tax in California and Idaho.


Who ships?

We ask our sellers to ship directly to the customer. Sellers have the ability to set their own shipping prices for each item. They can set shipping prices for the following:

  • Countries: United States, Canada, International (everything outside of the United States and Canada)
  • Regions: Alaska, Hawaii, Contiguous U.S.


I don’t charge customers for shipping, can I offer free shipping on Educents?

Yes!  We encourage our sellers to offer free shipping because our customers love it.  You can offer free shipping at any time for any product.  If you mark a product with “free shipping”, you will not receive a shipping reimbursement for any “free shipping” items fulfilled.


Does Educents buy inventory?

At this time, we do not buy inventory or warehouse inventory.


How will I know when I receive an order?

Sellers receive an email notification for each order they receive.  This will include a link to fulfill these orders. Sellers can also check their Educents dashboard to view all recent orders.


How do I fulfill an order?

Once a customer makes a purchase on Educents, sellers will receive an email notification letting them know they received an order.  From there, sellers can fulfill the order directly on Educents or through their own shipping platform.

Sellers must submit a tracking number directly to Educents for each Order that’s shipped. This will mark the item as “Shipped” in your account and notify the customer that their Order has been shipped with the tracking number.  It’s important to fulfill Orders and submit a tracking number to Educents as soon as possible.  This keeps your shipping time down and provides a better customer experience.

For sellers with developer resources, we also have a shipping API to automate shipping. This will direct all orders from Educents into your pre-existing internal shipping queue.


What kind of sales can I expect?

Great question! Earnings can really depend on a lot of factors: primary audience, time of year, product type, etc. We find that the best-performing products tend to be the ones that fulfill a specific need within a niche.


What kind of audience do you have?

Educents members are primarily parents and homeschoolers searching for products and resources to help make learning more engaging for their children.


How do you handle refunds/returns?

You can view our refund policy here.


I sell digital products, what types of files can I upload to Educents?

Educents accepts the following file types:

.pdf, .doc, .dot, .docx, .dotx, .zip, .rar, .pub, .epub, .azw, .mov, .mp3, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx, .pps, .ppsx, .ppt, .pptx


I sell digital products, what is the file size limit?

1GB per file upload.


How do I setup a subscription product or product with online access?

At this time, we don’t have the option to fulfill customer orders on another site. Customers should be able to download the product from our system or receive it in the mail.


See more Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ: Promoting Your Educents Storefront

FAQ: Managing Your Educents Storefront


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March 2017: Product Updates

dashboard-graphic (1)


We’re looking forward to some big updates this month!  This includes a brand new seller dashboard and more flexibility for physically shipped items.  In this post, we’ve highlighted the key product updates released this month and how they benefit you.


Coming this month:


*NEW* Seller Dashboard

After months of research, we’re excited to announce that we’re giving the seller dashboard a brand new look! We wanted to improve the seller experience by drawing attention to the tools you use most when logging into your dashboard. Below are the key updates you will find:


  • Better Navigation: We sorted your dashboard tools into three categories — Manage, Promote, and Learn, making it easier for you to find what you need.
  • Easy Access: Quick access to the tools you need most by making them visible on your dashboard. You will now be able to fulfill orders, access your Inbox to answer customer questions, and analyze data directly from your dashboard.


In the image below, you will see the top right corner highlighted in purple.  These icons are available at all times when using your dashboard and will allow you to access your Inbox, add a product, view orders, and see your store.




  • Make Smarter Business Decisions: We’ve added new charts and graphs for you to better analyze data and trends.  We want to empower you to make smarter decisions about your products/storefront. This includes visual graphs on your sales over time, your top products, and how you’re getting found on Educents.  Take a look at the previews below!


seller-main-dash-sales (2)



seller-main-dash-traffic (2)


  • Changes to Editing Products —  You can now access your products under the “Manage” section of your dashboard.
    • Featured Products: “Highlight” your products has been re-named to “Feature” your products. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, you can select up to four products to “Feature”. When a product is marked as “Featured” it appears in the top row of your storefront.
    • Draft Mode:  Any products that you’re currently working on that aren’t published will be available to access at the bottom of your Products page under a Drafts section.
    • Unpublished Changes:  You can edit your live and published products any time. Once making an edit and saving, the product will remain with the status “Unpublished Changes” until you click “Publish” to make the new changes live.


seller-dash-products (1)


  • Shipping Restrictions — You now have the flexibility to define continents, countries, and states you are willing to ship to for each product. This information is displayed on the product page to buyers so that they can view your shipping policy prior to making a purchase.  Currently, this feature doesn’t prevent buyers from making a purchase if they are in a country you do not ship to, but it’s a step toward that functionality.


seller-dash-ship-rest (1)


  • Managing Orders and Free Shipping — For those who missed last month’s update, we made a few changes to the Orders tab.  To learn more about those changes, you can view last month’s updates here.


Do you have any questions or feedback about March’s product updates?  If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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February 2017: Product Updates



As we mentioned earlier this year, this quarter is all about YOU!  We’ve tested our users, gathered your feedback, and have made some changes to improve our seller and buyer experience.  Read this post for an in-depth look at what’s new and what’s coming this quarter.


Recently Released:


Shipping from your Dashboard:

  • We’ve combined the Orders and Shipping tabs.  You can still access and download your Orders by going to “Shipping” from your seller dashboard.
  • All sellers will now have an option of purchasing a shipping label through Educents on an order basis. As a seller, you can still choose to use your own shipping provider by simply entering a tracking number and marking the order as shipped. Reminder: Once you upload a tracking number and mark the order as shipped, the customer will receive an email notification letting them know their Order has been shipped, along with their tracking number.
  • Through the new shipping updates, you can login to your Educents dashboard and filter your orders by order status. For example, this means you can easily filter based on unfulfilled orders to know which orders still need to be fulfilled.
  • Shipping profile: When uploading a new shipped product or editing an existing shipped product, we’ve added a new section to collect shipping information from you. This includes the product’s weight, dimensions, and zip code. Adding these fields will help us understand your shipping costs across different buyers and help us formulate a better policy for the future. Note: There is NO change in the shipping policy for now.

JUNE 26th, 2017 UPDATE:  Our shipping policy has changed.  Sellers can now set their own shipping prices for each item.  Please refer to Updated Shipping Policy for further information.


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.29.27 PM


FREE shipping in the U.S. contiguous

  • You now have the option to offer free shipping in the U.S. contiguous by product to Educents’ buyers (currently this does not include international orders, Hawaii, or Alaska). This can be setup by product indefinitely or for a limited time if you’re running a promotion. When you offer free shipping, Educents will not collect a shipping fee from the customer and you will not be reimbursed for shipping fees in your monthly payment for U.S. contiguous orders (this is only for the time period that the product(s) have been marked for free shipping if you are running free shipping for a limited time).
    • Products declared as “Free Shipping” by sellers will be marked as “Free Shipping” on the product image boxes and we’ve added a special filter for search to help buyers identify which products ship for free.
    • Any products who offer “Free Shipping” will have “Free Shipping” highlighted on its product page.
    • Based on previous research, buyers will be more likely to purchase products who have declared “Free Shipping”


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.37.54 PM


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.34.19 PM


Dashboard updates:

We will be making many changes to the seller dashboard over the next few months, so you may see new designs or updates you’re not used to.  We will make sure to summarize all updates once a month through the seller newsletter.

  • Deals tab
    • We recently revamped our deals page and process for creating deals. After months of research, we found that the previous deals page wasn’t converting as high as it did in the past and the deal submission process was confusing.
    • As a result, we’ve decided to revamp the process entirely by re-designing the deals page and limiting it to 10 products at a time. This will make it more likely for the products being featured as deals to convert.
    • We can now feature your products as deals on the deals page.  The “Deals” tab in your seller dashboard no longer functions.  We plan to remove the tab shortly, but in the meantime you will need to email sellers@educents.com if you’re interested in setting up a deal.
  • Seller Storefront
    • You may have noticed that we’ve redesigned your seller storefronts!  After some testing, we realized there were some improvements we needed to make to increase conversion.
    • Buyers can now filter your products by tag for easier navigation.  We’ve also combined your product reviews onto a “Reviews” tab on your storefront.
    • Banner images have been removed from storefronts based on user feedback.  We plan on removing the banner upload tool from your dashboard, so you can ignore that section for now.
  • External links
    • Trust and safety on our marketplace is highly important to us. To ensure we’re providing the best experience for our sellers and customers, we will be making some security upgrades.  We will be removing any external links from our site going to other e-commerce sites & websites. We have found that this puts our marketplace at risk and we’ve made the decision to remove all external links to protect our users.


Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 10.51.37 AM


Product Updates coming soon:


  • Shipping restrictions: Sellers will have the flexibility to define continents, countries, and states they are willing to ship to. This information will be displayed on the product page to the buyers so that the buyers can view each seller’s shipping policy. Sellers will have the flexibility to define shipping restrictions per product.
  • More data within your shipping tab: We’ll be adding a column for “refunded” within the shipping tab for you to better understand the breakdown of each order and actions that are needed.

For any additional questions about the updates to your dashboard, email sellers@educents.com.


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Educents Marketing Calendar: Your Monthly Guide for 2017


Hopefully by now you are settled into the new year and have started thinking about your goals for 2017. We certainly have thought about this at Educents and we are excited for what the new year will bring!

One of our main goals this year is to make our sellers more successful. Our sellers success is our success, so we want to make sure we equip you with everything you need to have a great year. As a first step, we’ve created a 2017 marketing calendar. This calendar represents our promotional plans for the 2017 year.


Educents – 2017 Marketing Calendar


  1.   January:   Homeschool Month, Planning for the Year
  2.   February:   STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  3.   March:   Math
  4.   April:   Special Needs
  5.   May:   Teacher Appreciation
  6.   June:   Summer Brain Drain
  7.   July:   Back to School
  8.   August:   Back to School
  9.   September:   Writing/Grammar
  10.   October:   Reading
  11.   November:   Holiday Planning
  12.   December:   Holiday Shopping


How can I use this?

As you think about strategies for 2017, feel free to use this calendar as a guideline.  Our merchandising team will be looking for products that represent these themes each month, so make sure your products are up to date as soon as possible.  For example, if you have any Math products, you will want to make sure they have clear product descriptions, great photos, and that they are properly tagged by February (we start looking for products about a month ahead of time).  It also helps when you share your product/storefront through social media at the time of your appropriate month’s theme and tag us.  These four things will make it easier for our merchandising team to find you and you will have a higher chance of appearing in our promotions.

We hope this is helpful for your 2017 planning and we’re looking forward to a successful year!


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FAQ: Promoting Your Educents Storefront

Frequently Asked Questions about Promoting Your Storefront:


Optimizing Your Storefront

The first step to marketing your storefront is making sure it’s optimized.  Start by auditing your product descriptions, product summaries, and product titles to ensure they are SEO friendly.  You can do this by including frequently searched keywords and choosing the right key words for your products.  Learn how to improve your products for SEO success to increase your page views.

Target your audience further by making it easy for the right customers to find you in Educents search.  When setting up your products, it’s important to select appropriate categories and tags.  This will allow customers to find you based on areas such as age range, type of product, and subject.  Read more about the launch of our Taxonomy project to help more customers find you.

It’s important to invest in quality images.  Having beautiful images that represent your product accurately will make customers more likely to click your products within search.  It will also allow them to make an easier purchase decision.  Take a look at these photography tips to improve your product photography.

Highlight your best products.  Within your dashboard, you can “highlight” your best preforming products.  This will bring them to the top of your storefront and lets our team know what sells best.


Can I put all of my products on sale at one time?

YES! And, we have made it easy to do so. Go to your Seller Dashboard and select the Store Sale tab.  In Step 1, you can select the percentage off and schedule the sale. This will take the percentage off of the lowest price you have set on your product. If you have a discount price already, the sale percentage will be taken off of that price. If you do not already have a discount price, the sale percentage will be taken off of the regular price.  Make sure to select “Put on Sale?” in Step 2 to apply the sale to your entire store.


Educents Store On Sale


Before you put your store on sale, you can “Preview Prices” to see how much the item will be listed for and how much you will earn per unit during the sale.


Educents Store on Sale


Once you have setup your sale and have previewed the prices, select “Put on Sale”.  You should then see that your store sale is scheduled.


Educents Store on Sale


Can I put selected products on sale at one time?

Yes!  On the Store Sale tab, step 2 allows you to select the products that will be on sale.  Simply, check “Put on Sale?” to select all the products OR deselect “Put on Sale?” to unselect all the products.  From there, choose which products the sale will apply to.


Educents Products on Sale


Can I setup my products to be have different discount amounts at the same time?

At this time, you can only have one sale.  If you need to have a different discount price then what the store sale is offering on specific items, you will need to update the product’s special price by editing the product(s) first.  From there, you can schedule the store sale.



Boost your page views with Educents’ advertising options.  Advertising options include: Dedicated Email Blasts with A/B testing available to our highly engaged subscribers, Email Banner Advertisements, Blogger Reviews by our Gold-Star blogging partners, Coupon Listings on our most highly trafficked page, Back-to-School Giveaways sponsorship, a spot on the Best Educational Websites and Apps List of 2016, and MUCH more.  Learn more about how to advertise and get in touch with our marketing team.


Affiliate Program

Grow your income by spreading the word about Educents and our innovative products! The program is free to join, easy to use, and has dedicated resources to help you your goals!

Educents helps educational innovators reach new audiences, and thousands of parents and educators discover new tools to make learning fun. As an affiliate, you’ll spread the word about our marketplace, mission, and specific products that catch your eye. You make a commission on any sales generated by your traffic. It’s a win for you, for us, and for learners everywhere.  Learn more about becoming an affiliate.

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Video: Boost your Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest knowledge

How can I increase my followers? What are some ways to engage with my community? Is there a better way to organize my social media channels and save more time?


A few of our team members came together to discuss Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest best practices to answer these questions. We were hearing similar challenges from our sellers and affiliates about these social media channels and wanted to give you the tools to boost your social media skills through this one hour webinar recording.



If you are short on time, below are the key takeaways:


How can you use Twitter to find new customers, engage with your community and get feedback to improve your business?

  • 310M monthly active users, as well as 500 million users a month that don’t ever log in
  • Fun Fact:  83% of world leaders have a Twitter account


  • Never just add media for the sake of boosting engagement, make sure it is relevant to your message!
  • Listen:  Use the Twitter search to follow any query, such as your brand, your products, or trends that you’re interested in.
  • Maintain a good following/follower ratio. Your account will seem spammy if you’re following way more people than are following you.
  • Be active! If Facebook is an ocean of information, then Twitter is a river. Everyone’s timeline is semi-chronological, so the more you tweet the more you show up.
  • Cross-link your social media accounts. All of your social media accounts should work with each other to promote yourself. One example is promoting an upcoming Twitter Q&A on Facebook.
  • Watch your followers. If any high-value (high follower) accounts follow you, make sure to check them out and if they’re interesting to you and your brand, follow them back and send them a tweet!




How can you use authentic photos and videos to help your business tell a visually compelling story?

  • Instagram has a community of over 500 million members



  • Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve – What do you want people to do? Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to say to them? How do you want to say it?
  • Create a theme for your account by choosing one or two filters you use consistently. You are creating a brand and color can increase brand recognition by 80%!
  • Create a posting schedule and stick to it.
  • Engage with your community – follow others, like, comment, and respond.
  • Have a call to action in your posts!  For example, ask questions to your audience, ask them to tag their besties, ask customers to tag you if they photograph your product.
  • Find the right hashtags by looking at other sellers/influencers and target customers with large followings to see what hashtags they are using.
  • Run contests and make your followers follow, like, and tag others.
  • Collaborate with other sellers or partners by posting each other’s photos and crediting each other.




How can you use visual inspiration and ideas to create community and value for your business?

  • 176 million active users; 2 billion monthly searches
  • 93% of Pinners made online purchases in the past 6 months

Tips: (read more in depth information here)

  • Images should be 2:3 or 4:5 ratio.
  • Keywords:  Use SEO-friendly keywords in description/
  • Make your images easy to share. Add Pin-It button to your blog!
  • Share things other than just your products. Users want to see your personality too.
  • Consistency: Find a pace that works for you and stick to it (Schedulers are great tools to help with this!)
  • Ways to “brand” your pins: Add your logo, use consistent colors, use similar style (like the banners here), and use similar fonts.


You can read even more social media tips here.

How do you use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest? What are some of the tools you like to use? We’d love to hear any tips that you’ve seen work well and welcome any social media questions!


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How to Use Pinterest to Easily Promote Your Small Business

What is Pinterest and how can it help my small business?


Pinterest was founded in March of 2010.  Since that time, they have gained 176 million active users on their platform!  Their mission is to “help people discover the things they love and to inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives.”  They are definitely living up to that mission.  According to a survey in July of 2016, Pinterest receives an average of 2 billion monthly searches on their site.  In fact, many people report that searches in Pinterest are even more reliable than searches in Google.


Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses


How Can I Use It For My Small Business?

Utilize images of your products and keywords about your products to drive customers to your pages!


Images Matter (videos too)

Pinterest is all about the visual elements.  Choosing the right images is probably the most important thing to learn when it comes to Pinterest. Images that are vertical (taller than they are wide) get the most re-pins. Aim for your images to be at a 2:3 or a 4:5 ratio for best results. Pins with text in the picture also tend to do very well. Use a tool like Canva or PicMonkey to make this quick and easy. Did you know you can pin videos too? Try adding some how-to videos or an in-use video of your product! Infographics and charts are also very popular on Pinterest.

Keywords are Vital

Using the correct keywords in your pin description can not only let more people find your pins, but lead to greater sales of your product. Be sure to use SEO-friendly words that relate to your product (no keyword stuffing though!). Be sure to use those keywords in the beginning of your description rather so customers can see them, even when the description is truncated.

Make it Easy for Your Customers to Share

  1. Pin It Button on website–Make it easy for your readers to re-pin images for you! Install the Pin-It button to your blog or website and encourage customers to pin images to their boards. This can be as simple as asking them to pin the image or by adding a social share icon each post.
  2. Alt Tags on images–Whenever you add an image to your site, you have the option to include an “Alt Tag” to the image. When it comes to Pinterest, these are especially important! When anyone pins something directly from your page, the description on the pin is pulled from this alt tag. This is your chance to get those descriptions to say what YOU want them to say and not something like “math book pic from home”

Show YOUR Personality too!

While being “on brand” is important, Pinterest is about connecting with others with similar interests as you. Nothing is more on brand than you! Show some of yourself on your Pinterest page. Are you a mother selling items to other moms? Add some parenting boards to your page!  Do you enjoy cooking?  Throw some recipes on your boards! You don’t have to sell your product all of the time. In fact, you will probably look more trustworthy if you are NOT selling to your potential customers all of the time!

Be Consistent!

Pinterest loves you to interact and use their platform so they give you more exposure if you are consistently pinning or re-pinning to your boards. Of course, it isn’t reasonable to assume you have time to sit on Pinterest all day, every day. Invest in a tool that will help you schedule some of the work for you. Tailwind, Buffer, ViralTag, and BoardBoosters are some popular schedulers that bloggers use. Whichever program you choose, test out different cadences to see what works with your audience. With Pinterest’s Smart Feed, you no longer have to be worried about “flooding” your audience with a bunch of pins at one time, so feel free to play around to see what works for you and your followers.


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FAQ: Managing Your Educents Storefront

Managing Your Educents Storefront


Frequently Asked Questions about Managing Your Storefront:

How do I ship an order?
How do I look up an order?
How do I respond to customer questions?
Can customers leave reviews?


How do I ship an order? 

Congratulations! You’ve received your first order on Educents. Now what do you do? To view your orders, log into your Educents seller dashboard, and navigate to the Orders tab.  You can also access your Orders directly from your seller dashboard. From there, you can view your unshipped orders and the necessary customer details.

The dashboard displays the orders by line-item with the sku, quantity, and customer’s shipping address. To troubleshoot a bad address, we recommend using Google Maps to verify the address. If this fails, you can communicate with us by emailing sellers@educents.com. Please note that Educents requires that orders be fulfilled within three days of purchase.

Pro Tips:

  • Turn on email notifications to receive a message for every order received on Educents.
  • Write the drop-dead date for a Christmas arrival in the product’s short and long descriptions.


How do I look up an order? 

Select the Orders tab on your seller dashboard. From there, you can look at any segment of your store’s lifetime orders on Educents by modifying the date range and exporting a .csv file. This tab displays the line item breakdown of the order number, sku, order date, price, quantity ordered, commission rate, shipping reimbursement, and total earned for the period selected.

Pro Tips:

  • Do you sell freebies along with paid orders? You can hide free orders by toggling “Hide freebie orders” on and off.


How do I respond to customer questions? 

Customers on Educents have the ability to ask questions directly to you. When a customer asks a question about one of your products, you will be notified, both via email and through your Educents Dashboard. When you reply to this question from your Educents Dashboard, the customer will receive an email from us letting them know you have answered their question. Do not respond to their question via email as this will just be sent to our Customer Happiness Team and the customer will not receive your answer. The email is meant to be a reminder for you to check your Educents Dashboard and respond to the question from there.

Sometimes, a customer may ask you a question that you are unable to answer (for example, they may ask you where to put a promo code that Educents is advertising or they may ask where to find the link to their downloadable item). It could also be a case of spam. In either case, you can flag the question for admin help. An Educents employee will either contact the customer or delete the question.

Pro Tips

  • Ensure emails from Educents are not being filtered or going to your SPAM
  • Respond to questions in a timely manner
  • Answer the question from your dashboard, not by replying to the email.


Can customers leave reviews? 

We encourage all of our customers to leave feedback about the products they purchase on Educents so future customers can make an informed decision. When a customer leaves a review on one of your products, you will receive an email letting you know.


Educents Review Policy:

For any of the below reasons, you can write to sellers@educents.com to request the removal of a review:

  • If a customer’s review includes profanity or offensive language.
  • If a customer’s review is incorrect by nature.  For example, if the item was a downloadable product and the customer the thought the item would be shipped.
  • If the review does not apply to your product.  For example, it’s a review written about a completely different product.

Please forward the review or link to the product to sellers@educents.com, along with a short note describing the problem.  All other types reviews will remain on the products.


Pro Tips

  • Ensure emails from Educents are not being filtered or going to your SPAM


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Video: Preparing for the Holidays Starts Now

The holidays on Educents have historically been the busiest time of the year. In particular, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Educents’ highest revenue-generating days. To ensure you are prepared and setup for success, use this checklist to plan ahead. This includes a recorded version of Educents’ Holiday Bootcamp and its key takeaways, plus important dates and reminders to keep you on track.

Educents’ first Holiday Bootcamp for sellers was a success!  In this recorded one-hour session, members of Educents’ Strategy, Marketing, and Seller Account Management team discuss what to expect this holiday season, how you can optimize your storefront to maximize sales, Educents’ 2016 holiday promotional plans, and easy tips for success.



Short on time?  Below are the need-to-know highlights:

  • Consumers begin shopping for gifts in mid-October and report finishing shopping earlier than years past.
  • Mobile will continue to rise, eclipsing desktop in traffic growth.
  • Educents will be hosting a 15% off plus free shipping sale – our biggest sale of the year and it will not affect your revenue!



▢  Upload any NEW products one week before Black Friday by November 18th.  The earlier you can upload your products, the better.

▢  Optimize your products to make sure they are clear, searchable, and mobile friendly.

▢  Check your SPAM and make sure you are receiving notifications and emails from Educents.

▢  Stay on top of your messages from potential customers on Educents.

▢  Consider Educents’ advertising options to boost your sales.

▢  If you are going on vacation, email sellers@educents.com.

Sellers who ship physical items:

▢  Set clear expectations on your shipping methods and turnaround times, especially if the package is unable to arrive by Christmas.

▢  If there is any possibility you will be low on inventory, email sellers@educents.com to set an inventory limit.

▢  If you are backordered email sellers@educents.com immediately.


2016 Holiday Season Key Dates:

November 24 – Thanksgiving

November 25 – Black Friday

November 26 – Small Business Saturday

November 27 – Advent begins

November 28 – Cyber Monday or Mega Monday

November 29 – Cyber Tuesday

December 12- Green Monday

December 24 – Hanukkah begins

December 24 – Christmas Eve

December 25 – Christmas Day

December 26 – Kwanzaa Begins

December 26 – Boxing Day

December 31 – New Year’s Eve

January 1 – New Year’s Day


Educents’ team is here to support you!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We love hearing about what makes you successful.  How do you prepare for the holidays?


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Holiday Checklist for Marketing Your Products on Educents



Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two highest revenue-generating days of the year here at Educents. This year, we’ll be hosting a 15% off, plus free shipping sale – our biggest sale of the year, and biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ever! There are more than a few reasons to share the sale to increase your revenue during the holiday season, the most compelling being that this sale doesn’t affect your revenue, at all. This is a way for you to offer and share a discount without any change to your profit margin! We want to make it easy for you to share the sale with your following, so keep an eye on your email for pre-written social media snippets and posts to help you have your most successful holiday season yet.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Checklist: Our customers will start shopping for holiday gifts within the next couple of weeks, so now is the best time to make sure your storefront and product listings are perfect and in the best shape possible for converting views to purchases! Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases:

  • Update your images. Do you have high quality images? Do they show the size of your product? Do you have more than 1 or 2 images to show different angles and aspects of your product? Learn how you can boost your images quickly with a smartphone.
  • Add previews or samples (if applicable). Think of how you shop online and pretend you’ve never seen your product before. Before purchasing, it’s encouraging to be able to see a preview or sample of what’s inside and usually drives more conversions.
  • Clear product descriptions. Make sure your product descriptions are crystal clear. They say enough about the product in the first few sentences so that shopping on mobile is easy, but they provide all necessary information in case anyone wants to learn more. You will also want to make your product descriptions, titles, and summaries SEO friendly by using the right keywords to increase your traffic. (Tip: send your listing to a friend & see if they still have questions about the product.)
  • Highlight your top holiday products to appear at the top of your storefront. We now have a new feature that allows you to showcase your top-selling products at the top of your storefront. Login to your seller dashboard to do so, or check out this blog post to learn more.
  • Put your store on sale. You can add on an additional discount to your products to increase conversions and excitement with potential customers! Just Log in to your seller dashboard to set up a storefront sale. This will take the percentage off of the lowest price you have set on your products.
  • Increase your exposure with advertising. Your products may be hard to find during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but advertising can help you get the exposure your product needs to make sales. Sellers that take advantage of advertising options see 5 to 20 times the sales typically during the holiday season. Check out our great options below!

P.S. You can now use earnings on Educents towards advertising! Use any portion of October earnings towards November marketing. Just notify Kathryn at Kathryn@Educents.com of any earnings you’d like to transfer by November 1 at the latest.


Missed our Holiday Bootcamp?  In this recorded one-hour session, members of our Strategy, Marketing, and Seller Account Management team discuss what to expect this holiday season, how you can optimize your storefront to maximize sales, our 2016 holiday promotional plans, and easy tips for success.


Holiday Advertising Options


Homepage placement:

Last year, the Educents homepage saw nearly 300K page views between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. We expect traffic to double this year throughout the entire holiday season. Check out our options below for getting prime homepage placement (a spot in the Top 8 visible homepage spots).

  • Homepage placement for 1 week during November 1 through December 24th ($125)
  • Homepage placement for Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday ($99 per day)


Social media posts:

The Educents Facebook community has an incredible reach and is a very powerful marketing channel. Each week, our posts reach up to 10 million parents and educators. Click here to see a case study from another seller.

  • Social media post on Facebook during November 1 through December 24th ($95)
  • Social media post on Facebook during Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday ($195)


Gift Guide Placement:

Last year, gift guides were our most successful form of marketing during the holiday season. Get your product featured in one of our curated guides based on our customers’ top interests that all include a TON of promotional boosting.

  • Gift Guide Placement in a guide focused on…($395)
    • Homeschooling
    • Builders
    • Gamers
    • Artists
    • Readers
    • Scientists
    • Active Kids
  • You’re one of 10 or less products featured!
  • The guides will all be distributed via email where we reach 150,000+ highly engaged parents and educators, social media where we reach up to 10 million and by our extensive affiliate/influencer network (our top 10 affiliates reach a combined 4 million!)


3-Day Flash Sales:

Our customers respond so well to urgent offers, so this year we’re introducing 3-Day Flash Sales! Be featured as 1 of 3 to 5 products on a dedicated flash sale page that our customers will be coming back to day after day to see the updated sales. We expect this page to be our most popular and highly-trafficked page during the holiday season.

  • 3-Day Flash Sale ($395)
  • Choose a 3-day time period between November 14th through December 12th (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday are blackout dates) to offer a sale for your products to be featured on the flash sale page
  • The flash sale will be easily accessible in the top navigation bar, linked to in daily emails to our 150,000+ subscribers, shared via social media where we reach up to 10 million and by our extensive affiliate/influencer network (our top 10 affiliates reach a combined 4 million!)

Email Kathryn@Educents.com if you have marketing questions or are interested in advertising.



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Sell your educational products on Educents, become an affiliate, or get the latest from Educents delivered to your inbox.

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