April 2017: Product Updates

Welcome to your monthly round up of product updates!

We have some brand new features that will help your products get found more easily on Educents and help you get more page views. We’ve also made some improvements for mobile and your shipping needs.


Re-marketing emails

We now send automated re-marketing emails!

This is exciting because through an algorithm, we will automatically send an email to members who follow your store, have your items in their carts, have wishlisted your items, past purchasers, and those who have viewed your items in the last 6 months.

We recommend putting your store on sale for at least two weeks to get previously interested customers to come back and make a purchase.  Expert tip: We wouldn’t recommend putting your store on sale more than once a quarter.




Search updates

After analyzing the data, our product team found that ~14% of users who searched for products on Educents received no search results. We found that spelling errors and spacing mistakes were the cause for majority of the no search results. Based on this research, we spent our last sprint making search more flexible by accommodating spelling errors, spacing issues, hyphens, etc.

We also added more filtered options by allowing customers to sort by latest products and price. Latest products are defined by new items that have been uploaded in the last 3 months. These products will also receive a badge that says “NEW” and will be searchable by filtering to latest products in search.




Bug fixes

You may have noticed that we’ve redesigned our seller email notifications. While we received many compliments on the new design, we also heard from our sellers that there was some information missing on their order notifications.

We have fixed this bug and you should now receive customer’s order information in your email notifications.


Mobile updates

Mobile traffic is increasing year over year, so it’s important to us to have a mobile friendly site. We always recommend previewing your products on a smartphone or tablet to make sure it’s easy to read on mobile.

We have improved the mobile compatibility for your seller dashboard and we will continuously make updates for mobile devices across the site.


Bulk printing & shipping

For anyone who asked us, we now offer the option to print packing slips and shipping labels in bulk through your dashboard. Simply, go to your orders and select multiple orders at one time. From there, you will see “Bulk Actions” where you can Print Packing Slips for the orders you selected.

If you’ve fulfilled your orders through Educents, you will also see the option to Print Shipping Labels under “Bulk Actions”. We hope this saves you more time and paper!


Do you have any questions or feedback about April’s product updates? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please comment and share your thoughts below.


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