Using search tags and categories for page views

“Categories” and search “Tags” are two of the ways you can sort your products, increase your visibility, and attract the right customer base. Using search tags correctly will help you convert page views into sales. It’s an easy way for shoppers to sort your products and find what works for them.



How can these tools be used effectively? Let’s begin with Categories.

Categories are pre-set labels provided by Educents to assist customers searching for products. When you are setting up a product page, you will be asked to select a subject, product type, and target audience for the product.


search categories


As you set up the page you will select a category from a drop-down menu. Categories are mandatory. They show up in the left hand side of search as filters for shoppers to select and narrow down their search. Shoppers can also search by categories.


Search Tags

Search Tags are free-form labels created by you to sort your products. This is a great way for you to help shoppers find your products by emphasizing the most important details about each product.

Search Tags are not mandatory, but we highly suggest using them. They can be useful in many ways:

    1. Like Categories, Tags are searchable.
    2. Tags make filtering your storefront easier.
    3. Tags do not show up in the left-hand side of a regular search — the filters shoppers see on the left are “Categories”.
    4. Tags are a way to filter within your store. These create unique links that you can use to promote, for example, all of the “lapbooks,” “reading comprehension,” or “early readers” products in your store.
    5. Tags allow you to be more specific or create a specific line of products within your store. A shopper looking at all of your products can narrow down their search to all of your “early readers” products.
    6. Tags should be simple words or phrases, not an additional description of your product. There is a two-word limit per tag.
    7. You can add up to 5 tags per product — choose wisely!
    8. Tags should be accurate and relevant. Use tags that accurately describe your product to make sure shoppers can find it!


search tags on Educents


When you include search tags, your products are easier to find, categorize, and sort. Using search tags is an easy way to attract Educents users to your store and make your storefront more user-friendly.

Search tags and categories are just one component to increasing your page views.  Read this post to make sure your product descriptions are optimized for search as well.


Using categories and search tags

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